What is PortWatch?


PortWatch is the Smartphone application that allows you to interact directly with the Port of Los Angeles by simply using your phone. By using this application you can upload and send video from your Smartphone directly to the various Port of Los Angeles channels contained in the PortWatch Application.

You can use PortWatch to document crime or graffiti, note items of public interest or concern, send congratulations or notification of a job well done as well as suggestions. The Port of Los Angeles will use PortWatch to send notifications and other items of interest to the community.

By working together using PortWatch we can improve the overall quality of life and business in the Port of Los Angeles!


What makes PortWatch unique?


PortWatch allows you to send and receive up to 5 minutes of high quality video messages. You can record, receive, forward and of course, erase your video messages in the easy to use application.


What can PortWatch be used for?


PortWatch can be helpful to effectively communicate your key messages via video to Port Police or Community Leaders in real time. A visual and moving impression has a greater impact on the receiver than audio, text and still images alone.


How do I get started?


  1. Download the PortWatch application from Appstore, Android Market or Blackberry App world. It’s free!
  2. If it’s the first time you are going to use PortWatch, choose your country, and enter your mobilenumber and press “Done”.
  3. A window will pop up asking you to confirm your phone number.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed your phone number, you will get an SMS with a personal 4 digit code.
  5. Enter the 4 digit code in the field marked “Code” and press enter.
  6. Enter your name.
  7. It's Done!


How do I use PortWatch?


Once you’ve logged into the PortWatch application you will reach the main menu.

  1. To record a new Video Message, press “Create”
  2. To see all your received messages press “Inbox” and to see all of your sent messages press “Sent”
  3. In your “Outbox” you will find all of the videos you have created, which have yet to be sent.


What is the cost of using PortWatch?


There is no charge for using the PortWatch app; however, your carrier’s standard data usage charges may apply.


What type of Internet data connection do I need to send and receive PortWatch video messages?


3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi is recommended.


Which video formats are compatible for sending a PortWatch video message?


.Mov, .MP4, .3GP, .FLV and .M4V are recommended.


Where do the PortWatch video messages get stored after I receive them in my Inbox?


The PortWatch video messages are stored centrally on the cloud server database. They do not consume any of your mobile’s internal or SD card memory space locally. Whenever you open a PortWatch video message, the app retrieves it from the cloud server and plays it. This unique feature helps in saving your mobile’s memory for other purposes and keeps it clutter free.


What is the maximum duration of a PortWatch video message?


The ideal duration of a video message is 5 minutes.


Which mobile devices or OS versions are compatible with the PortWatch app?


iPhone, Blackberry and Android OS are compatible with the PortWatch app.


Whom should I contact if I need further assistance and support?


For suggestions, comments or questions about the PortWatch Program, please use the PortWatch app to send us a video.

For technical issues, please send an email to support@PortWatch.org.